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Jeffrey Felzer, DMD serves patients in and around Wilmington, Delaware, as a private practice periodontist. Beyond his professional activities, Jeffrey Felzer, DMD spends time engaging with various professional organizations, including Christian Care.

Christian Care Health System is one of the nation’s most comprehensive health systems, helping patients in the Wilmington, Delaware, region navigate through a network comprised of more than 1,200 local surgeons and doctors across virtually all fields of medicine. The leading referral resource for area hospitals, Christian Care Health System also provides important training experience to medical and dental students from Thomas Jefferson University’s Jefferson Medical College.

Christian Care provides a number of helpful services to physicians and patients beyond referrals, including a variety of useful online medical tools. The body mass index (BMI) calculator, for example, helps individuals ascertain whether or not that may need to address a body weight issue. Users must simply enter their height, weight, and gender into the calculator before receiving an immediate output. The calculator also informs users as to whether or not their BMI constitutes a healthy weight or a weight that may need to be addressed through diet and exercise.

To use the BMI calculator, as well as other medical tools such as the lung health and screening program, or to find a physician or dentist in the Wilmington area, please visit Christian Care online at