Pocket Reduction Surgery – A Basic Explanation

Periodontal disease

As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Jeffrey Felzer draws on in-depth experience with a comprehensive range of gum treatment procedures. Dr. Jeffrey Felzer routinely performs pocket reduction surgeries.

In a healthy mouth, the gums fit tightly to the tooth and protect the surrounding structure. Periodontal disease can interfere with this natural process and cause a space to develop between the tooth and gums. This in turn forms a pocket in which bacteria can collect and grow, thus increasing the level of infection.

If these pockets become too deep to address with at-home or in-office cleaning regimens, a periodontist may recommend pocket reduction surgery. This procedure allows the periodontist to draw back the gum tissue and clean away the infectious bacteria. The patient may also require smoothing of the underlying bone, so as to limit the number of surfaces on which bacteria can grow.

With the infectious material thus cleared away, the patient’s gum tissue can more tightly adhere to the bone. This allows the patient to better clean the teeth on a daily basis, while simultaneously decreasing the risk that a patient will develop a serious health condition secondary to periodontal infection.