AAP Foundation Donation Options

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American Academy of Periodontology
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Dr. Jeffrey Felzer, a periodontist who operates a private practice in Wilmington, Delaware, is a supporter of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Foundation. Thanks to members like Dr. Jeffrey Felzer, the AAP Foundation is able to improve the overall periodontal health of the American public through research grants and public health education.

The AAP Foundation provides several ways in which to support its mission, and allows donors to direct their donations toward specific AAP Foundation initiatives. Members can pay an additional $200 when renewing their memberships to support the Sustaining Fund, a general fund which pays for fundraising and grant-making initiatives. Those who want to make a larger contribution can give $2,500 to become an AAP Foundation All-Star and support the efforts of periodontists interested in research instead of private practice.

Other donation methods support the education of future periodontists and periodontal researchers. The Education Fund, for example, helps meet the needs of periodontology education by supporting full-time periodontal faculty. The Gerald M. Bowers Endowment Fund for the ABP, meanwhile, focuses on the stability of the specialization’s certifying board and helps provide for the technologies that enable quality control in the field.