Dental Extractions

Jeffrey Felzer, DMD pic

Jeffrey Felzer, DMD

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Dr. Jeffrey Felzer provides periodontal treatments to people through his private office. Dr. Jeffrey Felzer performs procedures like dental extractions for patients with compromised teeth.

When dentists recommend the tooth extraction procedure, it’s often because the patients in question have suffered trauma, exhibit advanced infection, or demonstrate tooth crowding that dentists can alleviate by the removal of problem teeth. In many cases, dentists reserve tooth extraction as a last resort to be deployed when a tooth has not responded to more conservative therapies or cannot be saved by existing treatment options.

During tooth extraction, oral health providers address patient comfort by first administering a numbing medication. In the event the patient needs many teeth extracted, dentists may suggest general anesthesia so that the patient is asleep for the duration of the surgery.

The dentist then removes the tooth or teeth in question. The tooth may come out in one piece or the dentist may need to cut it into pieces to properly extract it.