Sedation in Dentistry – Nitrous Oxide


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Sedation in Dentistry

A trained periodontist, Dr. Jeffrey Felzer operates a periodontal practice serving patients in the Greater Wilmington, Delaware, region. Prior to establishing his practice, Dr. Jeffrey Felzer earned his doctor of dental medicine from the Temple University School of Dental Medicine.

Before dentists can provide surgical care to patients, they must administer anesthesia to prevent pain and even alleviate anxiety. One very common type of safe anesthesia employed by dentists is nitrous oxide. A gas, nitrous oxide enters the patient’s body when inhaled in carefully monitored doses. Under the effects of the gas, patients experience extreme euphoria that keeps them comfortable while dentists carry out procedures.

Unlike anesthesia that causes unconsciousness, nitrous oxide permits patients to remain alert enough to follow simple requests made by presiding dentists. Moreover, the effects of the gas diminish rapidly once the supply is shut off. In many cases, patients who undergo dental procedures aided by nitrous oxide can drive home on their own once the surgery is complete.